Founded in 1997, Asters is a leading supplier of high-quality and affordable products, ranging from home and office furniture, electronic appliances, technology products and air-conditioning solutions. We sit down with Philip Gast, the Sales and Marketing Director at Asters, to find out the innovative thinking solutions provided by the company which is the foundation of success.

Hotelier Maldives: We see a lot of changes at Asters, a few years back your forte was stationeries, what is your speciality now?

Philip Gast: Since Asters beginning as a neighbourhood stationery shop for students in 1997 until recently their main area of focus was high-quality stationery and office supplies which at that time, was not available in the Maldives. As we are continuously pushing ourselves to greater heights, we have collaborated with major global brands and diversified our portfolio of products. Today, in addition to stationery and office supplies we now offer innovative electronic appliances, quality home and office furniture, kitchen solutions, and refrigeration & air-conditioning solutions to the people in the Maldives.

Philip Gast, Sales and Marketing Director, Asters

HM: What are the major brand’s Asters exclusively represents in the Maldives?

PG: Asters prides itself as an exclusive distributor of top brands – TCL, Skyworth, AUX, and Midea to name a few – offering after-sales service at unbeatable prices. When it comes to TVs and consumer electronics, we have TCL and Skyworth. These two brands hold an outstanding reputation as the world’s largest TV manufacturers.

TCL is the fastest growing brand in the world. Skyworth, on the other hand, upholds the idea of development through technological innovation. Asters, in partnership with these brands, strives to deliver high-quality TVs at affordable prices hence the tagline “low prices always”.

For air-conditioning solutions, we have AUX. It is one of the largest vertically integrated AC manufacturer, with a service history of over 24 years. Committed to delivering after-sales service, we have highly-trained and experienced technicians, a large stock of spare parts, and warranties to guarantee ease of use.

Lastly, we are offering a wide range of Midea home & kitchen appliances – from refrigerators, washing machines, water heaters, blenders, and more. Midea is notable for being the world’s no.1 & largest major appliances manufacturer. Here at Asters, customers can rest assured that they are getting high-quality products from top brands at the lowest possible prices.

HM: “Low prices always” is a very bold tagline. How do Asters keep this promise to its customers?

PG: In Asters, we believe in providing an opportunity for everyone to enjoy quality products at affordable prices. We believe that by providing goods at low prices we can help a lot of families improve their quality of life without spending a lot of money and help a lot of organisations and businesses cut down their expenses.  In order to deliver our promise, we work hard with our suppliers to source quality goods in bulk quantities to cut down costs, so that our customers can enjoy extremely low prices when they shop with us.

HM: Any recent expansion or milestones?

PG: Earlier this year, we have opened another outlet in Hulhumalé to cater the growing needs of our customer. We are also working towards the expansion of our Asters outlet in Malé. An additional floor will be opened solely dedicated to providing our customers with a wide range choice of quality products.

Aside from that, we also have an Online Store wherein all our available 5000+ products are listed. Customers can now check our products, compare prices, shop and pay online in the most convenient way. It doesn’t stop there! We are launching more projects in the future which aim to further improve our services and bring more products to the people in the Maldives at incredible prices.

HM: What are your services that target the hospitality market?

PG: As tourism in the Maldives booms, there is also a continuous growth in the hospitality sector. Since hotel and resort clients are hours away from the capital, we guarantee convenient ways to purchase our products – via email, online shopping, and phone calls.

Asters have a dedicated team of Corporate Sales Executives who provide quotations and custom pricing for our resort clients, coordinating through emails, and providing them arrangements of deliveries to their chosen jetty points and dhonis. We ensure that these clients receive the utmost priority and satisfactory care on purchasing our products, through our excellent customer representatives.

HM: What’s next for Asters?

PG: Asters is highly geared towards the expanding and diversifying our product portfolio. You can expect a lot of new products from Asters in the near future. We are also working hard to make shopping with us easier for our customers all around the Maldives through our online store. With our proven record of accomplishment, we are committed to achieving the highest possible standards, gaining the loyalty of our customers.

For more information about Asters and its products, call (960) 331 6464 or visit