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Brands are ubiquitous. In our everyday life we’re confronted with a plethora of them; there are those that fulfil our most basic needs, like milk, and others that we indulge in every now and then, like a treatment at...
The first tourism development master plan’s vision was for the Male’ region to be the sole gateway and hub for tourism, but just for a short period. This was to be followed by the establishment of hubs in the north and south.
The GM Forum saw the attendance of 20 general managers and over 52 other delegates including resort owners, government officials and key businessmen.
In 2011 Baa Atoll was recognized as a UNESCO biosphere reserve, a first for the Maldives. It was the result of many years of toil by the government, with the backing ..
The trend for renewable energy investment worldwide peaked in 2011 and while investment, excluding large hydroelectric projects, declined in subsequent years.

Resort Construction

The process of resort construction has undergone great changes since the development of the first resort in 1972 on the island of Vihamanaafushi, now known as Kurumbaa

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